This is not a Sponsored Post 

Happy Friday, Party People! 

Imagine yourself standing amongst 80,000 other people all united under one roof for the same reason. The crowd is roaring, everyone is out of their seats, your heart is pumping and within seconds….. GOOOAALL!!!! No, I am not wasting your time with a soccer post, don’t fret! 

Let’s be real….the only thing cooler than an adventure is hockey.   

Were in the midst of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and this post is solely dedicated to persuading you to get out to your nearest arena to experience a playoff game. Whether you’re an avid hockey fan or you have never been introduced to the sport, I can guarantee that you will absolutely LOVE attending this incredible event and are likely to return next year. What’s better than beer, a loud atmosphere, the occasionional fight and good company? OH THATS RIGHT….NOTHING.

I’ll make this short and sweet. Make time to experience the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. It’s worth your time and worth your money. It truly is an adventure in itself. 

In the wise words of the hockey king himself:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Greztky 

Who is your hockey team? (If it’s the Kings, don’t bother commenting 😉)



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