How to Save to Travel 

You know that vacation that you’ve had your eye on for months? Well….pack your bags – It’s time to take it

Whether it be skiing in the French Alp’s, backpacking through Europe, or having a Mai Tai on the island of Hawaii, your travel plans are not as far fetched as you may think they are. I have gathered some helpful tools to help you save for that vacation you’ve been dying to take. Follow these few steps and you’ll be well on your way to booking that flight. 

  • First and foremost, have a goal. Choose a destination and begin planning your trip. This includes researching the costs of flight, accommodations and activities. When you have a set plan in mind, it’s easier to work towards it. It allows you to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. 
  • Consider Opportunities – If you plan to travel cheap or you’re on a budget, you need to be open minded. Instead of getting intoxicated for $50 at the tiki bar, consider planning a tourist activity for the same amount instead. You must be willing to sacrifice things to get the most out of your travel experience. This applies to your real life too. Instead of going out everyday of the weekend, plan to stay in. Put the money you would have spent on going out towards your travel. Live simply and stay focused. 
  • Piggy Banks are Still Cool – Be the crafty bitch you are and make your own piggy bank. Mason jars work wonderfully for this exercise. Put your destination on the outside with stickers to remind you of your goal. Place this bank in an open area to remind you of your goal. Put $20 out of each paycheck you receive into this jar and do not touch it until your vacation. 
  • Find Deals – Living Social, Contiki, Groupon, Travel Zoo, and AAA discounts. Get on these websites! They have a lot to offer and pretty great prices. Find something that works for you. Do NOT pay full price for something you are able to book at a discounted price. 
  • Be Flexible – You know when you research a flight and it automatically populates dates at a cheaper price? Take advantage of those dates! Be flexible and you’ll travel cheaper. Super awesome how that works. 

Until Next Time, Cheap Travels! 


    4 thoughts on “How to Save to Travel 

    1. I’d also add: One star hotels and hostels can be fun! I had an awesome month long European vacation backpacking with my son and sure I saved, but we could do so much more since the hotels didn’t eat the bulk of the budget.
      We stayed near The Spanish Stairs in Rome in a convent ( Loads of convents rent cheap rooms in gorgeous old buildings across the globe) and our room cost less than euro a night which included breakfast! Check out the whole range of room options, don’t just follow the herd- and never do an all inclusive if you want to really see the country.


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