Shipwrecked in Palos Verdes 

Happy Sunday adventure seekers! 

I’m a poor ass college student, so I have to find adventures on a budget. I have found that the cheapest way to get outside and travel is to hike! 

This weekend I hiked the Shipwreck in Palos Verdes, CA.  This rusted ship set sail in 1961 and ended up wrecked on a California coastline after enduring a long night of navigational errors and heavy fog. What’s left of this ship is scattered across the shoreline. It’s incredibly interesting and a fascinating sight to see. 

The ship was by far my favorite stop of the day however in addition to it, this hike offers tide pools, rock formations and various sea life along the way. It makes for an eventful day. 

             HERES THE 411 

  • This hike is an awesome trail during any point in the year. 
  • Wear hiking shoes or tennis shoes!! This hike is dangerous as there is no trail. You must hike through rocks to get there. It’s easy to twist an ankle.
  • Not great for children 
  • 4 Miles round trip 
  • Hike time: 2.5 hours 
  • Difficulty: moderate 
  • Easy to locate parking 
  • Be prepared to see dead animals such as various birds and sea lions. We came across multiple throughout our hike. 
  • Bring water 



Happy Hiking Friends!! Enjoy 🙂  





Until Next Time, Stay clear of the shore! 


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