Castle Rock Hike 

Castle Rock in Big Bear, CA 

Over this last weekend I decided to drive up to Big Bear to escape the traffic and chaos of Orange County. While I was visiting, I came across a hidden gem known as the CastleRock trail. This hike is about 1.5 miles round trip if you stay on the trail however, it’s easy to find yourself lost in beauty and end up off of the trail. This hike is known for it’s awesome views and has fantastic yelp reviews. You are able to view Big Bear Lake from above as magnificent tree’s sway in the wind above. If you are in the immediate area of Big Bear or within driving reach, I highly suggest you hike this trail. It offers beautiful views, slight incline to make it more challenging and it’s short. Perfect for all ages and animals! Details below. 

Tips for a successful hike: 
1. Bring Water 
2. Allow for extra time. The hike is short but the exploring is endless. 
3. Start early. Parking is scarce. 

4. Wear good shoes. Lots of loose gravel and it’s easy to slip. 




Until Next Time, Safe Travels!


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