Best Websites for Affordable Flights 

Happy Monday, Adventurers!


I’m currently in the midst of searching for an affordable flight for my upcoming trip to The Florida Keys. After realizing that this flight isn’t going to be cheap, I started researching the best websites and applications to locate a perfectly affordable flight. Now that I have completed my research and found what works best for me, I feel the need to share all the best finds with you! 



– This website allows you to travel for less. CheapoAirhas been my “go-to” website to watch my flight prices fluctuate. I receive frequent emails with updates about price changes and discounts regarding my specific flight. What I like most about this search engine is the fact that I input my desired flight information and never have to touch it again. This website remembers what you’re looking for and will notify you when prices change or when you can receive $20-off coupons. 



– Spirit Airline is a hidden gem. They offer EXTREMELY low airfare you will not be able to find elsewhere, however, they only fly to and from specific places. It is somewhat limited but if you are able to locate you desired flight through Spirit Air, I encourage you to book through them. Flights start as low as $20 and I have not seen them higher than $400. YES-this is round trip! (sadly, they do not fly to Key West)



Google Flights

-Googles own flight search. This search engine allows you to drop your flight search into a graph and view your best options. It’s an easy to read graph which displays several options for you to fly into. Local airports and other awesome information! Check this website out to verify that you’re flying into the most convenient and affordable airport destination. 



– “Search hundreds of travel sites all at once.” Isn’t that how the saying goes? 




– This website searches each airline individually and allows you to compare prices on one page. Simple to read and easily understood. It’s not my favorite web page to locate flights although I do refer to it frequently. 




Other Awesome Flight Tips 


1. Buy Late: Airlines tend to decrease ticket values closer to travel time as they are attempting to fill their planes. 
2. Flexibility is key: Flight decrease in value when you are able to travel in a flexible manner. Be ready to change dates and times.
3. Utilize Flyer Miles: Sign up for every possible Flyer Mile program-USE THOSE POINTS!
4. Invest in a credit card that offers great travel rewards. (Stay tuned-Blog post to come regarding best travel cards)
5. Never depart or return on popular days: Avoid weekends and holidays. Travel is typically cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 
6. Sign up for travel websites: Receive offers and bonus codes to decrease the value in your flights.
7. The first flight in the morning is usually the cheapest. Fly early for the best fares.
8. Sign up for 

I hope these websites, applications and tips help you to find something that works in your budget. I encourage you to explore all of these options and find one that works for you. If you have any additional insight or information to help others find the best deals, I encourage you to comment below and share! 



Until Next Time, Safe Travels! 



7 thoughts on “Best Websites for Affordable Flights 

  1. I sign up for Kayak flight alerts all the time–it’s my go-to. I love Spirit as well, and luckily they seem to have a lot of flights to and from Houston which works well for me!

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  2. I agree flying can be expensive, especially into the Keys…have you considered flying into Miami renting a vehicle and driving to the Keys? I don’t have any idea of how much your flight is so this might not be a cheaper option? It is a great drive from Miami to Key West. It is slow going as much of the highway is two lane, but love the drive.


      1. yes, that is what I was thinking regarding the car rental…but it is a beautiful drive, one I never tire of ! Regardless of how you get to the Keys have a wonderful time!

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