Beer Pong in Yosemite 

If you haven’t played beer pong in Yosemite, you should. 

Aside from my sick beer pong skills, Yosemite has a mass amount of awesomeness to offer its visitors. From its beautiful scenery to the tours it has to offer, the options are truly endless. 

A few friends and I packed our bags for a spontaneous Yosemite trip after scoring a sick deal on groupon. I highly encourage you to check that app daily as it has provided me with some awesome and affordable trips. We were lucky enough to book a 2-night stay in a plush cabin for under $300.00 

Above all, Yosemite has some incredible hikes including, Half Dome. I encourage you all to include this hike on your Bucketlist if you haven’t already. Due to weather conditions at the time of our time of arrival,  this specific hike was closed. 

Instead of hiking Half Dome, we visited the Yosemite Falls and hiked various other spots along the way such as the Giant Sequoias- Another spot I highly recommend.   

Yosemite also offers tours. I tend to prefer making the journey myself and don’t invest in tours, however here are some tour options Yosemite has to offer: 

If you are interested in hiking, nature or wildlife, I highly suggest you make the journey to Yosemite. Along our voyage we were able to come in contact with various wildlife animals. The face-to-face experience is absolutely incredible. 

Yosemite Travel Tips: 

  1. Check the weather conditions prior to arrival. 
  2. Come prepared. Research specific hikes and know what you want to do. 
  3. Pack hiking boots. I bought mine for $25 at Big 5 sporting good. (Worth it!) 
  4. Don’t leave food, sunscreen, chapstick, or anything scented in your car. There are bears in the area and they will do whatever they can to make themselves comfortable. 
  5. Pack warm clothes regardless of the time of year. 
  6. Bring a camera 
  7. Don’t hike alone. The hikes are dangerous. 
  8. Enjoy your stay! 

Until Next Time, Safe Travels! 



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