Biggest Travel Peeve 

 Happy Monday, Adventurers! Is it too early for a cocktail? 

Monday’s are annoying so it only seemed appropriate to discuss my #1 travel pet peeve on a Monday. 

My number one travel peeve is when I witness travelers who are so wrapped in taking photos that they leave their destination wondering what the hell they just saw. 

Don’t get me wrong, I highly encourage snapping a few photos at each destination to be able to share your experiences and travels with others. It’s always nice to look back on memories you have created through photos HOWEVER, if you leave your final stop not knowing how the sun hits the mountain peak or the beauty in the colors of the tree branches – You just lost out.

This week I am challenging all of you to plan an adventure in which you DONT take your phone. Start living in the present and creating memories for yourself rather than the people on Instagram. Below I have included a guide to this challenge. 

Step One: Choose a destination.

Step Two: Place your phone somewhere inside your home. 

Step Three: Walk out the door

Step Four: Live in the present! It
is a precious gift that not many of us appreciate anymore. Our generation has become so consumed in technology and cell phones that we forget to appreciate our lives and the flawlessness of our world. Be aware of your surroundings and live in the moment. 
Don’t miss out on life. We only get one shot. Appreciate it. 

Until next time, Safe Travels! 


8 thoughts on “Biggest Travel Peeve 

  1. So true. We have been traveling for 3 months and were in the most AMAZING caves last week. Other tourists were seeing the whole place from behind their lenses and ignoring the guides. Oh well their loss 🙂

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  2. So so true. I see it everywhere in day-to-day life. Have people forgotten about the joy of face-to-face communication and appreciating the beauty that surrounds them?

    I must admit that this is also a pet peeve of mine. Technology, while beneficial, is kind of isolating.

    Happy travelling!


  3. I totally agree about the importance of enjoying the moment although I can’t say I’m completely guilt-free when it comes to taking one too many photographs. Thanks for the reminder to stay in the present. I have to say though, when travelling with my more photographically gifted friends, I really appreciate having their beautiful photos to enjoy afterwards!


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