Lifelong Vacation 

Everyday is a vacation if you want it to be.

My number one goal in the creation of this blog is to inspire my readers and followers to create a life that doesn’t require a vacation for escape. 

Whether it be something as simple as a visit to the beach or the scenery of hike, I encourage you to find the beauty in your everyday surroundings. Break free from life’s stressors for a few hours and really breath in your surroundings. Take on that vacation mentality and forget about all the rest. You can vacation in your own backyard! 

This weekend I chose to “vacation” at a local beach. It allowed me to feel refreshed and ready to take on another manic Monday. 

Where did you “vacation” this weekend? 

Until Next Time, Safe Travels! 


13 thoughts on “Lifelong Vacation 

  1. I too, live in an area where I can ‘Vacation” near home, and yes I encourage other to do the same! Within 10 minutes from my home I can be at a most beautiful spot, on a river bank, enjoying the sun or a sunset.

    We are blessed!


  2. Just did this! Living in Paris for a few months, and a friend came visit me during the weekend. I revisited all the wonderful attractions from the city,that i don’t even see anymore, it feels great!

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  3. Thanks for this post! From time to time, when I feel down, I try to see my city as a place of discovery as I would if I were away on a trip. It sometimes takes me to very unexpected places!

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