No Trespassing

As Douglas MacArthur once said, “You are remembered for the rules you break.”

Does anyone else feel more compelled to do something when you’re told not to? I don’t. I’m an angel. I DO. Somehow the devil on my shoulder always wins this battle. In most cases this is a horrendous idea, however in this case it led to something absolutely breathtaking.

I recently heard about a “hidden pool” located at a nearby beach in Orange County, CA. After researching photos and tips on how to locate the exact spot, I packed my pink backpack and headed south. Upon arrival, I noticed there were various signs around the premises stating “No Trespassing”. FUCK THAT. An adventure is not an adventure unless some rules are graciously broken. I threw my backpack up on a nearby cliff and began my excursion through a cave. After cutting my toe open on a rock and swimming through a massive cave, I finally found the promise land. If you’re interested in checking this place out after reading this blog post, I highly suggest you check the water conditions before going. High tide is a terrible time to go and of course, it’s when I went.

This place was a dream. I felt like someone had to pinch me to wake me from my sleep. It was everything I have hoped for and more. The pictures will never do it justice.

If you’re visiting the Orange County area and are interested in checking this place out you can find all the information below.

Where: Thousand Steps Beach

Located: Laguna Beach, CA

Minor details: Arrive early as parking is scarce. Once you reach the beach after trailing down the 1,000 steps you will need to walk all the way left and start climbing the cliffs. (little ones, of course)

Best time to go: Summer

What to bring: Swimsuit, Towel, Sunscreen, your best mates and a GoPro or underwater camera.

Cost of trip: $5.00 because you need to stop @ Banzai Bowl for an Acai bowl. Super effing good!  


thousand steps 1thousand steps 2

I may not be remembered for the rules I break but the memories I will forever remember are breaking all the rules. I challenge you to break free from what society deems “acceptable” this week and explore grounds that are marked with a “NO TRESPASSING” sign. Who knows…you may find something worth seeing.

Until Next Time, Safe Travels! 

For more adventures and photos like this, visit my instagram page at: BRPHELPS


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