Eye to Eye with Jaws Himself

Get ready to cross an item off your bucket list! You’ll get all the latest prices and information you need to experience an open water snorkel adventure with Leopard Sharks!

I have to admit that I was extremely nervous to go do this activity as sharks are fairly intimidating creatures. Allow me to put your fears at ease and tell you a little bit about the Sharks you’ll be swimming with.

Facts about this awesome creature:
1. These sharks are harmless. I repeat-HARMLESS. They have a very petite mouth accompanied by a very shy and timid personality.
2. They grow up to 6-feet long. Most you will experience are smaller than you.
3. They swim away rather quickly when they sense movement around them which allows you to observe from a great distance.
4. They graze the bottom of the ocean floor in search for food. You will never/rarely find them elsewhere.
If you decide you’re a badass, I encourage you to swim closer to the bottom and observe their beauty up close.
5. You will find Leopard Sharks in shallow waters during the summers as they migrate there to give birth.

So now that you have familiarized yourselves with Leopard Sharks, let me provide you with the details

Where: Near Kellogg Park

Address: 2000 Spindrift Drive La Jolla Shores (will lead you to a restaurant-snorkel right outside it)

Park: Anywhere in the surrounding neighborhood

When: June-October

Snorkel Gear: If you think snorkeling will be your new found hobby, I suggest purchasing your own snorkel gear from Big 5, Sports Chalet or Walmart. Gear runs from $30 to $100 depending on quality.

Snorkel Rentals for one-timers and poor college students: I rented snorkel gear from a near by shop. You can also rent kayaks, wetsuits and bikes here if you choose. This shop is walking distance from the neighborhood you should be parking in and your new favorite snorkeling spot!
Shop name: Bike and Kayak Tours
Snorkel rental costs: $29.00 for full package/per day
Website: http://www.bikeandkayaktours.com

Random Ass Tips:
-Take your friends! They’ll LOVE this.
-Try it more than once.
-Take a GoPro or an underwater camera.
-Arrive early. Parking is scarce after 10am.
-Check the water visibility prior to heading out.
-Look into the surrounding activities the area has to offer. Torrey Pines also offers paragliding, kayaking, surfing and great spots to eat!

If you find that you are interested in this activity and want to know more-message me! Like and share this post and bring others the opportunity to experience this really fucking cool experience!


Until next time, Safe Travels!


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